Integrations? Yes, Use Our Zapier API!

We've built a Zapier API app that allows you to integrate GoGuidebook with thousands of third party systems. The possibilities are endless!

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Utilizing the GoGuidebook Zapier application, you can automatically send out invites to your guidebooks for new reservations. These invites can be programmed to go out a specified number of days prior to arrival. Invites can be sent by email or text message depending on your guests preferences and/or what contact information they provide.

Our Zapier application can work with any PMS or CRM system that also has a Zapier app available. Some common ones we see utilized include Guesty, Cloudbeds, BookingSync, Hubspot, Logify, and Hostaway. That's just a small sample though. Zapier claims to integrate with over 5,000+ systems. You can even do simpler integrations such as syncing your GoGuidebook invites to a Google Spreadsheet. When you add a new row of data (a reservation) to the spreadsheet, it can automatically create an invite in GoGuidebook. Pretty nifty huh?

The GoGuidebook API is available on all plans and even included in our free trial.

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