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Create beautiful digital guides for your vacation rentals and other managed properties. Our guides reduce guest questions & improve guest experience. It's a win-win.

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Still using printed guides for your managed properties?

3 reasons to switch to digital guides for your rentals

Stop Repetitive Questions From Tenants feature
Stop Repetitive Questions From Tenants

Your team likely spends a good portion of their day answering repetitive questions. Our digital guides put the power back to the tenant/guest. Answers to all FAQs can be viewed 24x7 from any device.

Improve Guest Experience At Your Rentals feature
Improve Guest Experience At Your Rentals

When guests spend less time searching for answers and more time doing, their experience improves. Digital welcome guides makes your company look innovative and caring of the guest experience.

Get 5-Star Reviews From Guests feature
Get 5-Star Reviews From Guests

When experience improves, so do reviews. Our digital guides are frequently specifically mentioned in reviews. Digital guides are the way of the future and are a win-win for both the management company and the guest or tenant.

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Sea Glass Waterfront Home
Vacation Rental in St. Augustine, FL

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Tons of features built specifically for
property managers.

Organize Your Digital Content feature icon

Organize Your Digital Content

Organize all of your guide content into categories and topics. Within each topic, add pictures, videos, checklists, PDFs and more.

Brand It As Your Property Management Company feature icon

Brand It As Your Property Management Company

Brand each guide to your property management company by setting the logo, color schemes, fonts, etc.. This serves as extra marketing material for your business.

Privacy Control Everything feature icon

Privacy Control Everything

Privacy control each topic on each digital guide. Sent individualized invites to tenants/renters that expire after a certain date.

Guest Recommendations With Maps feature icon

Guest Recommendations With Maps

Use the map feature to highly local restaurants, attractions, etc. for each guide. Add personalized notes for each map pin. Sync maps between rentals so you only have to maintain one map for similar area rentals.

Phone, Tablet, Laptop feature icon

Phone, Tablet, Laptop

Your guests or tenants are always on the go, that's why our digital welcome guide works seamlessly and fast across all devices. It'll feel like a mobile app!

Invites By Text or Email feature icon

Invites By Text or Email

Send out personalized invites to each guest/tenant. Invites can be restricted to specific arrival/departure dates and be scheduled to go out in the future. Invites only grant access to that specific guide.

PDFs & QR Codes For Your Vacation Rental feature icon

PDFs & QR Codes For Your Vacation Rental

Convert your digital guidebook to a printable PDF in one-click. Generate flyers with QR codes that link to the digital guide. Place these printable options in each property for guests to scan and go or for people who prefer non-digital.

Multiple Guides, Sync Content feature icon

Multiple Guides, Sync Content

This feature was built for property management company. Sync topics & maps between multiple rentals so you can update one place and have it take effect on multiple guides. Also makes creating new guides much faster.

Analytics & Tracking feature icon

Analytics & Tracking

Track all the invite links sent out to your guests. See who has viewed it as well as total view count over select periods. Send this data to the homeowner to show guest interaction.

Automatic Language Translations feature icon

Automatic Language Translations

Each of your property guidebooks can be instantly translated into 12+ languages. Guests or tenants can select their preferred language from a dropdown.

Local Weather Widget feature icon

Local Weather Widget

Show a local weather widget for each of your properties. The weather forecast is pulled in based on the property address and updated automatically every 10 minutes.

Your Rental Guides Include Local Maps

Are you always getting messaged for recommendations? Here's your solution. An innovative Google Maps accessible 24x7 from any device that shows all of your favorite restaurants, bars, attractions and any other pins you want to add. Each pin can have personalized comments like your favorite dish at a restaurant or what to wear to an attraction. New attraction in town? No problem, add a new pin to a single map and have it instantly push to all digital guides in the same local area.

creating map for digital guide

A Local Weather Widget Your Renters Will Love

You have the ability to add a local weather widget as a topic in each properties guidebook. Our system, using the properties address, will automatically pull in the current weather and a 7-day weather forecast. We leverage an industry-leading weather data API where the info is updated every 10 minutes. The weather widget will take on each guidebooks color scheme. This is an awesome feature that makes the guidebook look always updated while being completely automatic.

creating weather widget for digital guide

Use Invites To Share Your Rental Digital Guide With Guests

Be on the cutting edge of technology by sharing your digital to guests before they even checkin. This allows them to better plan their stay, review your recommendations, make reservations, etc.. Using invites, you can control how long before arrival the privacy protected content becomes available and whether they have access after departure. You can send out invites via text or email and even schedule the messages to be sent out in the future.

sending invites to digital guide
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Sea Glass Waterfront Home

Come relax with us at this beautiful beach front vacation rental. In the heart of everything, walk to nearby restaurants.

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