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What is an AirBNB digital guidebook?

Digital guidebooks are transforming the boring binder that has been a staple in hotels and vacation rentals for the last fifty years. Digital guidebooks can be easily updated 24×7, are accessible by guests before their arrival, offer privacy controls, tracking, digital maps and so much more.

Below, we’ll break down the core features of a digital guidebook and why you need one for your AirBNB vacation rental. Worried about guests that won’t be tech-savvy? Don’t be, we offer a one-click option to generate a complimenting PDF. More on that below.

Digitally Organize Your AirBNB Welcome Book Featured Image

Digitally Organize Your AirBNB Welcome Book

Digital has so many advantages. Update your guidebook from anywhere, reduce clutter with outdated topics, send to guests before arrival, and so much more. Your digital guidebook will make your AirBNB hosting experiencing more enjoyable. We guarantee it!

Feels Like A Custom App, Works On Every Device Featured Image

Feels Like A Custom App, Works On Every Device

Our digital guidebook feels like a custom app but there's nothing to download! It works on every device: mobile phone, computer, tablet and is lightning fast.

Interactive Local Recommendations With Maps Featured Image

Interactive Local Recommendations With Maps

Don't just tell your AirBNB guests about the best spots in town, let them interact with them as pinpoints on a map. See how far each one is from their accommodation and add custom notes such as your favorite dish.

Fun Local Weather Widgets Featured Image

Fun Local Weather Widgets

Weather can dictate a lot when it comes to an AirBNB guest's vacation. As a 5-star host, wouldn't it be great to share with them the local weather? Our weather widget is presented in their guidebook and is automatically always up to date.

Auto-Translate For Foreign AirBNB Guests Featured Image

Auto-Translate For Foreign AirBNB Guests

International travel is bigger than ever. Make your AirBNB guests feel at home with a digital guidebook they can read in their native language. Our system automatically takes your guidebook(s) and translates it to over a dozen languages.

Generate QR Codes or a PDF AirBNB Guide Featured Image

Generate QR Codes or a PDF AirBNB Guide

QR codes allow AirBNB guests to quickly access your guide once at the accommodation using their smart phone. Or instantly generate a PDF version that can be printed and placed in the house.

Sharing Your Guide Is Super Easy

We offer several methods for sharing your digital guidebook with guests. The simplest method is a secure link that can be sent in AirBNB messages. We also offer a sophisticated invite system that allows you to schedule text messages or emails based on the guest's arrival date. Unique guide access links will be sent giving them access only during your set dates. Finally, we offer QR codes that can be printed and displayed throughout the interior of the accommodation for easy access after arrival.

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Come relax with us at this beautiful beach front vacation rental. In the heart of everything, walk to nearby restaurants.

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build their digital guidebook.

A message from our founder.

A total game changer for our AirBNB vacation rental business.

When my wife & I went live with our two vacation rentals on AirBNB, we were inundated with the same questions again and again. We were tired of answering them and our AirBNB guests likely didn't want to ask them to begin with. With my background in technology, I knew it could be done better.

Since implementing goGuidebook with our own AirBNB rentals, the number of questions we receive has gone down by 80%. Guests are happier and we're happier. I knew I had to bring that technology to other vacation rental owners.

Cabe Nolan

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