The GoGuidebook Affiliate Program Is Here – Learn More

  Published October 10, 2022

  Updated October 11, 2022

  Vacation Rental Tips


This week we’re excited to roll out the beta version of our GoGuidebook Affiliate Program.  It was a heavily requested feature since our public launch as so many of our users want to recommend the product to their peers, family, co-workers and readers.

The GoGuidebook Affiliate Program allows you to be compensated for recommending others to our services.  Anybody can register to be a GoGuidebook affiliate and the process is completely free and only takes minutes to complete.  Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – The Quick Sign-Up

It starts with you registering for an affiliate account with us.  Just head over to our affiliate sign-up page.  We make it super easy and even allow you to use your existing GoGuidebook email/password if you already have an account with us

Step 2 – Share, Share, Share!

A unique sign-up link will be generated during your affiliate account sign-up process.  That sign-up link you can copy and use within emails, text messages, social media, advertisements on your website and anywhere else you find it beneficial to bring in new sign-ups.

Step 3 – The Sign-Ups Start Rolling

When somebody signs up using your affiliate code, we’ll send you a notification email.  You can also track sign-ups using your Affiliate Dashboard.

Step 4 – You Get Paid

For each paying user you bring in, we’ll pay you 20% of their total invoice payment.  As an example, if somebody signs up for two guidebooks and pays for a full year, you’ll make about $40!

Step 5 – Recurring Payments To You

We keep paying you!  For two years following the initial sign-up, we continue to pay you 20% of the total invoice for all recurring payments and guidebook upgrades.

Sounds pretty awesome, huh?  Here’s a few FAQs that might help clarify questions:

Is signing up worth it?  What do I receive if somebody signs up?
This is one of the best affiliate programs out there if you have an audience you can connect to in the vacation rental industry.  As mentioned above, you’ll receive 20% of the total for all invoices paid by the referral you sent over for two years.

Do I make money when my referral renews or adds guidebooks?
Yes!  For two years, we’ll continue to pay you for each renewal or account upgrade.

How does the website know to associate the referral to me?
The website uses cookies derived from your unique sign-up URL.  When somebody visits our website using your URL, we store a cookie on that user which then stays with their account indefinitely following successful sign-up.  Every time an invoice is paid that is associated with that cookied account, we pay you!

How do I know somebody signed up using my referral code?
You’ll instantly receive an email informing you that somebody has signed up using your referral code.  You can also track all your referrals from within our affiliate dashboard.  This dashboard shows every invoice paid by your referrals and also shows your expected payout.

Is there a maximum amount of referrals I can collect?
Absolute not!  The more you refer, the more you earn.  Simple as that.

How do I get paid for my referrals?
Currently we offer payouts via PayPal or mailed check.  We hope to offer more payout options in the near future.

Ready To Get Started?

For more information, view our Affiliate page.

To sign-up online, head on over to affiliates sign-up page.

If you have questions regarding our affiliates program, please email us at